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Here at Trust Home Improvements we can install Swish PVC cladding as a replacement for the timber and thin PVC systems which were regularly used in the 1960s and 1970s.

This PVC cladding is strong, attractive, and gives a sturdy finish to your property, which also helps to keep the heat in on those winter nights. Fitted by trained professionals, all of our cladding is tough and durable, lightweight, blemish free, helps to improve thermal performance of your home, maintenance free, and does not support bacteria or fungal growth.


The cladding also does not only need to be set in a series of horizontal planks. We can now set it in many shapes including a diamond, pyramid, herring bone, or just a simple diagonal.

To improve thermal performance even more, we can also install new flat and multi-layer insulation where appropriate, keeping your house even warmer in the winter.

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