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Here at Trust Home Improvements we install fascias and soffits to stop you worrying about dirt, grime, and rot.

Many people often get confused between the two, as they do similar jobs. The fascia board runs along the lower edge of the roof, and is long and straight. It generally does all the work of supporting the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles on the roof, and it also carries the guttering. The soffit board however is hidden away under the fascia board, and is the board you are likely to see when standing on a street and looking up.


Fitted by trained professionals, we offer a wide range of colours and designs, and can guarantee that none of our fascias or soffits will rot, flake, crack, or peel, nor will they allow any bacterial or fungal growth.

We also offer a full range of matching purpose-made mouldings for joints, internal and external angles, as well as general purpose trims.

All of our fascias and soffits are manufactured using a unique formulation, designed to provide top quality weathering performance to avoid any discolouration problems in the future.


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