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There are several types of Finlock guttering fitted to properties throughout the UK. Often referred to as concrete guttering, Finlock gutters were mainly designed by a company called Royston, and rather worryingly, they now cause long-term problems for countless property owners.

Once viewed as a cost-effective guttering solution, issues soon developed with this type of system such as sagging above windows and water penetration. This problem usually arises when windows are replaced with a new design that isn’t fully supported or reinforced, causing the concrete gutter above to sag and hold water.

Left unsupported, a Finlock gutter will move – this is natural behaviour for concrete gutters. Changes in the weather also allow the joints in the guttering to expand and contract allowing damp and water to penetrate into the cavity.

Constructed out of concrete blocks, damp is transmitted through the guttering into the interior of properties, making rooms colder and causing damp patches on the wall which have to be decorated, only for the problem to return a few months later.

Choosing the right solution

Lining concrete guttering can prove successful for a limited period of time but this
should never be considered as a permanent solution. Different types of linings are often used including tar, aluminium, lead or plastic, with a varying life expectancy of between five to twenty years.

There are customers that say, gutter lining ‘will see them through’ but in real terms you will still have underlying issues by installing this type of system. Damp and cold is still transmitted through the guttering into the inside, and the concrete will inevitably sag over windows without a lintel.

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